Heart Opener & InnerG Activation

Join Sifu Santos for a Heart Opener & InnerG Activation Session consisting of Mindful movement, Breath work & gentle stretches.

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Alyssa decaro

Move From Your Heart

Alyssa DeCaro, beloved movement teacher and creator of Body of Sound, guides you on an embodied sonic journey to open your heart. Tune your body as your most essential instrument for connection on this playful exploration.

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madaly love

Awaken Your Heart
with Cacao

Awaken your heart through a blissful cup of ceremonial cacao. Receive the deep wisdom and love this sacred plant medicine has to offer! Madaly Love is a curanderx, entheogenic guide, addiction recovery coach, and quantum energy healer with a mission to support you to open your heart to the universe, tap into your intuitive gifts, and heal across generations and timelines.

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De-Othering Ritual

Please join us to set a container that brings our attention to the magic of the moment we are in and the remarkable humans that we will share this evening with.

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frank chester

Heartistic Science

Frank is an artist, sculptor and geometrician who lives in San Francisco and has taught art for more than thirty years. Since encountering the work of Rudolf Steiner, Frank has been exploring the relation between form and spirit and in 2000 he discovered a new geometric form never seen before. This geometric form demonstrates a remarkable correlation to the form and functioning of the human heart. Frank is uncovering indications concerning the relationship between etheric formative forces and the geometry, structure, and physiology of the human heart. Thus the form is called the Chestahedron, both after its discoverer and because the form relates to the geometry of the heart, which sits in the chest.

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paul chengpo wang

Lunar New Year

Paul is the founder of Dao Center, Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Board Licensed Acupuncturist, Sifu of WingChun, Chinese Astrologist, Guqin musician, and “Memetic Healer & Cultural Acupuncturist specializing in Clinical Cosmology & Mythopoetic Engineering.”


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Pauline Romas

Awakening the Heart and the Vagus Nerve

Shake off any stress and relax into your awakened and playful heart. Your vagus nerve holds the key to aligning with your most loving self, and you’ll learn the science of why. We’ll do somatic exercises to soothe the nervous system and connect more deeply to ourselves, opening the door for deeper connection with others. Gentle movement, breathwork, meditation, and authentic relating games will invite presence, heart-opening, and taking ourselves less seriously. Come play!

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Radical Intimacy

A gateway to an unusual amount of intimacy with others. Step into a shared space of love, trust, and curiosity, skimming away the superficial and experience the nourishment of seeing and being seen with your fellow humans. Facilitated by Michael McDonald, transformational coach and creator of Relational Alchemy.

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Alexis Held

Be Held In Love

Bay Area Based Alexis Held is a Somatic Guide, Embodiment Facilitator, Intimacy Coach, and Certified Massage Therapist. Her mission is to support physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being through body-centered modalities. Alexis creates and promotes safe spaces to return to breath, body, and one another through somatic practice and embodiment. You will be guided through a playful mix of  movement, breath, massage and sound practices that will allow you to access a deeper place of love, awareness, connection and ease. Alexis leads various workshops around the Bay, empowering individuals and couples with tools for inner transformation and we are so excited to have her! How we relate to ourselves and live in our bodies is how we relate to the world.

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Tamara bliss

Zouk Fusion Partner Dance

Experience the beauty and delicious art of Brazilian Zouk with the inclusivity of Fusion Dance. This playshop will introduce the framework of fusion and incorporate the patterns and undulations of zouk. The goal is to build the confidence to be down to dance with a partner to any kind of music and have fun. With over two decades of movement instructions under her soles, Tamara Bliss has been breaking down dance and yoga for others to find their embodiment practice. She is also producing events, Down 2 Dance, that are partner dance based. Her practice also includes over two decades of massage therapy, so workshops are based from anatomical knowledge and setting up success with solid form.


One Rope Play

One Rope Play is bondage that involves one rope. It’s a foundation for beginners and new exploration for experienced riggers. Instead of focusing on technique, you’ll focus on connection, intuition, and non-verbal communication (verbal communication also welcome and encouraged). You’ll learn to support others bodies into new positions that feel safe, secure and allow for surrendering, alternating between receiving and shaping the experience. People can come alone or partnered. Rope provided.

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maya Diamond

Erotic Blueprint Experience

In this experiential workshop you will have the opportunity to explore the 5 erotic blueprints through touch, dance, music, and your precious body. You will leave understanding the way these blueprints are avenues to deeper levels of opening, self and other connection, and expansion.

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Heart Connection Circle

Tired of small talk? Surprise yourself at the intimacy you can find with a stranger when you meet in the heart. 30 minutes of guided connection exercises to make some new friends. Enki’s life is dedicated to a vision of personal transformation and spiritual growth that embraces the entirety of human experience–from the darkest to the most sublime–with tenderness and play. He holds temple space for groups and individuals where everything from the rawest emotional process to the heights of ecstatic pleasure are welcomed and celebrated as access points to the divine. His work is informed by many lineages: from Zen to the Sufi mystics; Taoism to esoteric Tibetan Buddhism. 

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Victoria Angel Heart

Pleasure Symphony

The Pleasure Symphony is a playful, embodied workshop where we explore vocalizations of pleasure through interactive exercises, guided touch meditations, and an ecstatic group vocal jam. By connecting the four pleasure keys, we unlock the power of our voices to enhance intimacy and full self-expression. Come sing, play, and resonate in pleasure with our community! Victoria Angel Heart is a sacred musician, medicine woman and passionate pleasure permissionary who creates music with Grammy-nominated producer Ben Leinbach. She organizes engaging music and intimacy events regularly throughout the Bay Area.

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Corey Vignola


Eco-Erotica: nature essence alchemized for pleasure delight. Join in for a workshop to implore your senses to a pathway of pleasure while using earth elements as a tool for sensual exploration and erotic embodiment. Together we work to understand, identify, and activate the natural desires within you by connecting with your 5 senses with nature’s essence. Let’s gather to learn how to consensually alchemize natural elements into toys for erotic and BDSM delights.

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