February 16th is Renri,
Day 7 of the Lunar New Year.

The 7th day of Lunar New Year is known as “Renri (人日, the common man’s birthday). According to Chinese tradition it is said to be the birthday of all humans, marking the day when the Goddess Nüwa, a figure in Chinese mythology, created mankind.

We will be celebrating our collective birthdays!
Stop by the Dragon’s Den to receive your birthday present.

4:00 PM  Welcome
5:00 PM  New Year Invocation
6:00 PM  Dragon Qi Flow
7:00 PM  Musical Meditation
8:00 PM  Poetic Storytelling
9:00 PM  2024 Yijing Oracle
10:00 PM  Body Calligraphy
11:00 PM  Music

Chinese Desserts ($)
Yin: Rice Balls (Tangyuan i El)
Yang: Sun Cakes (Taiyang Bing 太陽餅)

Enter the Dragon’s Den and encounter embodied experiences:
Dragon Mind: Guided meditation to activate a new visionary story.
Dragon Heart: Alchemical practice to ignite inner fire of transformation.
Dragon Body: Spiral motion to circulate healthy energy flow.
Dragon Song: Resonate with music, poetry, voice, and dance to weave in harmony.

The Dragon’s Den will be hosted by:
Paul Wang, Xiao Zhang, Phoenix Mei, & Eric Olson

paul chengpo wang

Guqin & Daoist Philosophy

Paul is the founder of Dao Center, Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Board Licensed Acupuncturist, Sifu of WingChun, Chinese Astrologist, Guqin musician, and “Memetic Healer & Cultural Acupuncturist specializing in Clinical Cosmology & Mythopoetic Engineering.”


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xiao zhang


Xiao is a Pipa player in San Francisco, she blends traditional Chinese melodies with contemporary sounds, guided by her belief in music’s healing power. Her improvisational work unites past and present, inviting harmony across genres. 

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phoenix mei


Phoenix Mei is a musician, mystic, and prayerformer, specializing in musical medicine through her ancient Chinese Guzheng, heartfelt vocals and spirited dance. She is a creative consultant, and teaches expressions of the heart and the JOY of BEing. 


Gongs, Flute,
Handpan & More

Eric Olson offers his musical talents for diverse events including sound baths, breathwork, private ceremonies, and rituals. He uses flute, handpans, and bowls to create unique soundscapes and transcendental sound journeys .

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