(“Ma” as in Mamma; “Muse” as in the one who inspires) Harmonic, Uplifting, Folk-Soul-Revival; A Musical Tune-Up for the Heart. Wholeheartedly fed by the folk and gospel traditions, MaMuse (Sarah Nutting and Karisha Longaker) create uplifting music to inspire the world into thriving. Interweaving brilliant and haunting harmony with lyrics born of honed emotional intelligence, MaMuse invokes a musical presence that inspires the opening of the heart. Playing a family of varied acoustic instruments including upright bass, guitar, mandolins, ukulele, and flutes, these two powerful women embody a love for all life. The synergy that is created through this musical connection is palpable and truly moving to witness. With 13 delicious years of co-creation and 7 albums under their belts, MaMuse keep their hearts tuned to the creation of music for the health of ALL BEINGS.

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Siren & Seer is the new vision of producer/multi-instrumentalist saQi and vocalist/songwriter Diamonde. Hailing from the hills of Northern California, the duo gives a fresh take on live electronic music by merging traditional idioms of Americana, folk, gypsy and blues with cutting edge dance music genres. S&S tastefully reimagine sounds of the past for a modern context and create a multi-dimensional world where refinement of a Victorian era can co-exist with roots of Appalachia and rawness of the urban underground. A major goal of the project is to bring a realness and vulnerability to the dance floor while still bringing sound that is hot and heavy. Siren and Seer seek to represent the voices silenced, the cries unheard, the spirits searching for a way home. “We want to help people heal with our music and have an amazing time doing it…” ~saQi 

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Flamenco Dance

Award-winning Flamenco Artist Mizuho Sato was born in Iwate, Japan and started classical ballet at the age of three. She later developed a love for flamenco, the art form from Andalucía, Spain. Focusing on flamenco’s intricate and complex rhythms, she will play live percussion, showcase her “taconeo” (footwork) talents, and move with the fluidity of upper body expression using “braceo” (arm movements) and “floreo” (hand movements).

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honey of the heart

Justin Ancheta and Maren Metke have musical nectar flowing through their veins. The dynamic Grass Valley duo is the driving force behind a project that is even sweeter than it sounds. Honey of the Heart is an ambrosial mix of musical interpretations influenced by folk, soul, roots, and world/flamenco styles. Built upon a repertoire of uplifting original material, they join together, or with other phenomenal musicians to create in an organic state of symbiosis. Many of their songs come forth like ancient incantations, casting angelic spells on all in their path. Honey of the Heart weaves soaring harmonies and hypnotic polyrhythms into an alchemical semblance of groove intended for dancing, rejoicing, and blissful recalibration. Justin and Maren formed the group, Honey of the Heart, to inspire and connect people with their voices, melodies, and world rhythms. 

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santos s.o.u.l.

Santos S.O.U.L. (Sending Out Universal Love) is a soul singer songwriter, sound healer, InnerG Arts Sifu and founder of T.E.A.M. Changing the World by Changing Me. Santos welcomes you to share in some SelfLove Serenades & Soulful Affirmations. 

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AguaMayyim is a collaborative music project between Rose and Franky Garcia, born out of their deep love and mutual passion for the healing power of sound. Together they DJ, lead breath work and sound healing gatherings, and produce EDM & ecstatic dance events in Santa Cruz, CA.

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amae love

Amae Love is an eclectic singer / songwriter with a sultry, soulful voice that embodies a modern approach to soul, blues, R&B and jazz. Amae has a knack for taking the best of that classic vintage sound (like Adele, or Amy Winehouse) and combining it with soulful, bluesy melodies paired with positive & empowering lyrics. She likes to call this style “Singin’ the Purples” (the title of her 2010 EP) as in: a happier version of the blues. Amae is a multi-faceted talent whose skills as performer include MC’ing, hoop dance, comedy, Improvisation, dance, ukelele, piano, and guitar.

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ALIA has a global following as an Electronic Music Producer, DJ, Vocalist, and Producer of the musical project, Feminine Medicine™. Inspired by the global sacred bass movement, her music is an evocative, lush journey into her own blend of bass-heavy electronic dance beats, melodic frequencies, gorgeous feminine voices, conscious lyrics, and sacred psychedelic sounds. Described as feminine and fierce, elegant and gritty, ethereal and primal, her music unfolds in a pulsing, hypnotic journey that moves both bodies and hearts.

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AAYA is an ostrich. As a young chick, she was inspired by the myriad of sounds around her. Then one day, she finally felt the urge to spread her wings and leave the nest in order to make her own bird sounds. Naturally, her sound primarily consists of ostrich noises, but she also draws influence from the sonic profiles she experienced while attending ostrich flight school.

phoenix mei


Phoenix Mei is a musician, mystic, and prayerformer, specializing in musical medicine through her ancient Chinese Guzheng, heartfelt vocals and spirited dance. She is a creative consultant, and teaches expressions of the heart and the JOY of BEing. 

paul chengpo wang

Guqin & Daoist Philosophy

Paul is the founder of Dao Center, Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Board Licensed Acupuncturist, Sifu of WingChun, Chinese Astrologist, Guqin musician, and “Memetic Healer & Cultural Acupuncturist specializing in Clinical Cosmology & Mythopoetic Engineering.”

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renegade opera

Renegade Opera was launched by Jewelz Moyer in the summer of 2019.  Jewelz is a trained vocalist and has sung with various auditioned choirs,  jazz and funk bands, including being a back up vocalist for P-Funk Allstar, Ronkat Spearman.  She was also a Soprano in the prestigious Oakland Symphony Chorus and Chamber Singers. She created a one woman show as a Lyric Soprano accompanied by orchestral background tracks to classical famous operatic arias from classics like La Boheme, Madame Butterfly, La Traviata and so much more.  You may catch her popping up and performing on the streets of San Francisco with her Bose bluetooth speaker and microphone, or at a prestigious event like the Edwardian Ball SF or even at a well known festival like Lightning in a Bottle.  She brings her experience as a performer in theater and circus arts as she weaves storytelling, poetry and music in a timeless aural sound wave in various languages including Italian, French, German, Czech, etc.

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xiao zhang


Immerse yourself in the captivating Pipa artistry of Xiao Zhang as she shares the profound beauty of this ancient instrument. Prepare to be captivated by the unique sounds that emanate from the Pipa, as Xiao’s heartfelt performance blends tradition and innovation. Let the tranquil melodies transport you to a place of serenity. 

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Sean T Fox

Dao of the Heart: Qigong for Connection

Daoism and Chinese Medicine know the Heart as the Palace of the Emperor and Empress wherein the clarity of Spirit resides. Join acupuncturist and Qigong teacher Sean T Fox on a Journey of movement, meditation and Qigong. We will cultivate and clarify our communion with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual Heart to open into greater peace, joy and connection.
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oshan anand

Open Heart Poetry

A lifelong poet and mystic, oshan hosted a weekly poetry night for 3 years at his San Francisco teahouse Om Shan Tea. Later, while serving a 7½ year prison sentence for psychedelics, Oshan designed a course on Mysticism Through Poetry, which he taught 6 times to more than one hundred inmates. Oshan will share mystical poetry to awaken the heart.
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