Come experience CupidMail & Classifieds, LoveQuests, LoveUp Blessings, Dating Coaches, Body Art, Psychic, Tarot, and Astrological Readings. Some offerings won’t begin till 7pm.


We’ll have optional name tags and mail boxes, so attendees can send each other mail, and respond to classifieds postings.


Our QuestMaster will  send you on an adventure for prizes.


Come participate in our love blessing ritual. You will be annointed, gifted, and blessed on your love journey.


Marie Thouin

Dr. Marie Thouin is the founder of Love InSight, a Mindful Dating & Relationship Coaching practice where she support people of all backgrounds to create vibrant and intentional love lives—including folks navigating non-monogamy and/or non-traditional relationship structures. She is also a leading expert on the topic of compersion in consensual non-monogamy.
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Sandy Peace

Dr. Sandy Peace, is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and trained Sex Therapist who works with individuals, couples, and groups to foster healing, authentic expression of self, and better relationships (and sex!). She specializes in identity development and trauma treatment, and works with LGBTQ+, polyamorous and kink communities.
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Want to find connections that ground and enliven you? Ready to break free from old and frustrating patterns in relationships? Dionne is an Intimacy Coach who guides people to face their inner demons, maximize personal growth through dating, and increase their capacity for intimacy with self and other.
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Shera Renee

Singles & Couples Readings

Shera Renee, Psychic Reader, Intuitive, Wise Medicine Priestess is back in the Bay from Sedona, and will be offering deep and spicy couples readings.  Wildly accurate, uplifting, and entertaining. 30+  years experience. By donation.
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Singles & Couples Readings


Tarot For Your Heart

See what the cards reveal to you in this heart-centered approach to divining wisdom for your higher purpose. Receive guidance on your heart’s path through the world and this night! Janina, The Tarot Woman, has 16 years of professional reading experience. She has read at countless parties and events and teaches tarot workshops & classes. First come, first served.
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Rebecca Farrar (aka Wild Witch of the West)

Heart of the Chart: Relational Astrology Readings

Whether single, partnered, or beyond astrology can be an incredible tool for understanding our relational patterns and cultivating more intimacy with self and others. For 14 years Rebecca has offered soul-centered readings focused on individual and relationship healing and insight around several key areas related to compatibility (often very different generic algorithm reading from an app).;)  Readings can focus on whatever is most important whether it be untangling karmic connections, understanding potential timing for partnership, or appreciating more deeply what is in front of you.


Astrological Oracle

Nicole is a San Francisco based Oracle and Astrologer, with a deep love for the cosmos. She currently practices Western Tropical Astrology with influences from Hermeticism, Egyptian Cosmology and Astronomy.  Nicole works with vibrational medicines and has created a line of Planetary Essences.


Faeryn Rose

Body Art

Faeryn rose is a Fairy set upon this Earth to enliven and uplift the experience of others while having a rollicking good time. In addition to being a body artist, Faeryn is a Love and Intimacy Coach, Fire Dance, and Hypnotic Hooper.


Reginah Perlmutter

Henna Body Art

In addition to being a Henna artist, Reginah is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Psychic, Healer, and Artist.
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